With jails over crowding and hosting costs rising, more and more agencies are turning to this simple and cost-effective solution to monitor small or medium offender in their own home or other court designated perimeter diverting incarceration costs to the inmate, saving valuable space in the exiting correctional facilities and reducing harmful integration between small and medium offenders to dangerous inmates and organized crime based in the correctional system.p;saving valuable space in the exiting correctional facilities and reducing harmful integration between small and medium offenders to dangerous inmates and organized crime based in the correctional system.

The specific needs, considerations, and sensitivities of criminal justice agencies using electronic monitoring to supervise people in the community are the focal point of our operations.

solutions makes managing electronic monitoring programs more effective on every level. Customized monitoring solutions meet all the needs, with software and hardware that integrate seamlessly and offer full interoperability .

The whole system is mainly composed of 3 parts:

● Anti-dismantling GPS tracking electronic tracking device
● Monitoring software program
● Tracking Mobile APP .

Anti-dismantling GPS tracking electronic tracking device:

The GPS Tracking Unit is designed to continuously monitor the offender’s location at varying levels of intensity.

While the offender is on the move, the tracking unit continuously gathers location data in real-time. The data is processed,stored and communicated to the monitoring center to report location and violations. Violation alerts are configured according to the offender’s individual schedule and zone restrictions.

as well as GPS,the device offers a robust integration of communication technologies and anti-tamper mechanisms to provide a reliable tracking solution.

● Multiple layers of tamper detection
● Anti-dismantle strap
● Form & Fit : curves to wrist
● Food grade silicone strap – prevent allergies
● IP68 waterproof to 15 feet
● 24 hours duration time of battery on a single charge
● 2G/4G signal
● Cordless battery charging
● Customizable reporting rate
● Customizable function
● Photograph function
● Accurate location tracking
● Zone Alert
● Tamper Alert
● Low-battery Alert

Electronic Monitoring software program

Design specifically for community corrections officers, the SUNGUARD software platform is easy to learn and use. Offender information is stored in a central , secured monitoring system and available to officers by any computer with internet access . This allows officers to quickly and easily view their entire caseload at a glance, and customize notification settings for each offender. The system also supports varying user-levels and settings for agencies and officers.

  • Multiple Google Maps Display Options to Analyze and Evaluate Participant Locations and Movements

  • Assignable and Customizable Participant Inclusion and Exclusion Zones

  • Customizable Reporting Protocols and Participant Risk Levels(Circular/Polygon zone setting)

  • Customizable Alert and Event Notifications

  • Ability to Disseminate Alert and Event Notifications to an limited Number of Recipients

  • Ability to View Individual Device Status and Manage Device Inventories

Electronic Monitoring software program

SUNGUARD mobile is a real-time electronic monitoring application with an intuitive and friendly interface that empowers officers in the field to effectively manage their workload from a mobile device both seamlessly and securely. The app enhances productivity and enables officers to remotely monitor their offenders, with a powerful set of advanced capabilities.

SUNGUARD mobile runs on mobile devices running Android operating systems (iOS support to follow shortly).

● View events on a map;
● view the last GPS location point associated with those events
● View maps to see GPS location points and track playback
● View difference offender's real-time location
● Check alerts of device
● View photo taken by device
● Read message of device

How it works ?


Work Release

SUNGUARD solutions allow qualified offenders to leave confinement and maintain employment encouraging a successful transition into society.

Furlough Release

SUNGUARD solutions allow qualified offenders to be granted a temporary release from incarceration for family, medical, and other purposes.

Pre-trial / Bail

Pre-trial detainees make up a large proportion of people in prisons worldwide. Community-based monitoring solutions reduce the load on prison services for incarcerated individuals awaiting trial and on remand, who have not yet been sentenced and may not be found guilty.

Short Sentences

Even short sentences can have long-term implications for offenders and their families. Alternatives to incarceration, such as community-based monitoring, help offenders serve their sentences while maintaining family support, paying restitution to their victims and contributing to society, both directly and indirectly.

Early Release

Our community-based monitoring systems enable offenders to serve the last portion of their sentence outside prison walls. Enforcement of pre-defined schedules helps offenders to modify behavior and facilitate rehabilitation into society.


Keeping communities safe and secure sometimes requires high-risk offenders, such as sex offenders and others, to be under on-going supervision with electronic monitoring once their prison terms have been completed and they are reintegrated back into society.

Immigration Control

National security, immigration, and border control agencies face multiple immigration control challenges. Electronic monitoring of illegal immigrants not only offers a cost-saving alternative to secure detention, but it also aims to improve appearance rates for interviews and compliance with immigration judicial orders.

Preventive Detention

Current geo-political events have increased the challenges of governments trying to protect citizens from the threat of terrorism. Electronic monitoring provides an alternative solution to preventative detention for tracking hostile individuals, such as suspected terrorists.