Britain introduces electronic GPS positioning foot ring to realize 24-hour monitoring of prisoners


The British Attorney General Gao Ke once said that the new foot ring can better protect domestic violence victims and monitor the whereabouts of criminals. Gao Ke said that this new technology can also be applied "more widely", becoming a substitute for serving offenses for misdemeanors, as well as monitoring the release of serious offenders. In addition, the new electronic GPS positioning foot ring also helps people avoid rogue gangs. Once the offender violates the regulations, he will be taken back to prison or brought to court.

 GPS position

According to reports, the new electronic GPS positioning foot ring can track all activities of criminals compared to the common electronic foot rings currently used. The new electronic GPS positioning foot ring can set the criminal “unreachable area”, check whether the criminal has participated in the correction plan, monitor the criminal’s behavior, and also prohibit someone from entering a certain place, such as going to another criminal or victim’s home Wait. The ordinary electronic foot ring cannot be tracked at any time, which is more limited.