Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device can track criminals


Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device can provide accurate location tracking information for continuous crime monitoring. The transmitter worn by the monitored person sends a signal to the two-piece device to verify its proximity to the tracking device. The location data processed and stored by the two-piece unit is transmitted over the cellular network using an encryption protocol. The department stores program configuration details and reports incidents based on the offender’s personal schedule and geographic area restrictions.

 Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device


1. Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device can be continuously judged in real time, and once it is removed or cut off, it will send out an alarm signal.

2. After the offender leaves the permitted area, the manager will receive an alert message in the APP.

3. When the offender is moving, the tracking unit will continuously collect location data in real time. The data is processed, stored and transmitted to the monitoring center to report location and violations.