Car GPS Locator To Install SIM Card


Whether it is a wired locator or a wireless locator, the steps to install the SIM card are usually as follows:
1 Open the positioner back cover or locator SIM card plug; 2 Press the card in the locator to insert the card correctly; 3 Close the back cover or card slot.
After the SIM card is installed, the locator is powered, and the wiring positioner finds the positive and negative poles of the automotive power supply. The negative pole is easy to find, the place where the body is iron is negative, and the positive is in the safe, and the car key switch is found, or directly connected to the battery. Of course, find the best installation of the professional and technical personnel of the automotive circuit!
But it is best to keep the electricity, that is, it is not affected by the car key switch; the power cord is directly attached to the car battery; the positioner has a lamp to face the sky, and the side of the sky should not close the metal to block the internal GPS antenna. It also receives signals other than 20,000 kilometers.
All in all, the activation method of the car GPS locator is divided into three steps: 1. Install the SIM card; 2. On the power supply, turn on the switch; 3. Take the vehicle or positioner out of outdoors for a while, car GPS locator Activate use.