GPS Locator Positioning Factors


1. Replace the installation location of the device. The installation location of the device directly affects the effect of the device search GPS signal. If the effect is not good, you can try to change the position.
2. Pay attention to the antenna location of the device. When installing if there is an external antenna, pay attention to the antenna facing away from the iron, do not face or toward the iron.
3. Leave the source of interference. For example, engine, alarms, motors, etc.
4. Replace the new device. If your device is bought a few years ago, it is recommended to change new. The performance after the electronic product update will definitely be better than before, so the replacement device will reach a certain effect.

All in all, the GPS positioner is positioned inaccurate, which is related to a variety of factors. First, you must find out how different methods are trying, and there is a targetedly resolved after troubleshooting problems.