Beidou 4G Wiring GPS Locator Installation Notes


Beidou 4G Wiring GPS Locator Installation Notes:
1. The equipment traffic card is all sets all installed. It does not require a new card after receiving.
2. The flow card equipped with the device is not recommended for switching equipment.
3. Before installing the device, you must call the power switch next to the flow card to ON.
With the device indicator, the position of the power switch can be determined. Before the device does not turn on the vehicle power supply, the power switch is transferred to the ON. The device indicator flashes to OFF, and the device indicator does not flash (it is recommended to open the device power switch before turning on the vehicle).
4, in order to ensure that the equipment can search for Beidou and GPS satellite signals, it is recommended to install the side of the indicator with the sky towards the sky.
5, the equipment should not be placed in the iron pipe, iron drum, navigation screen, etc. to interfere with the place where the Beidou and GPS satellite signals.
6. If you have a device that needs renewal, please contact the dealer's renewal fee, don't renew your own.
7. About the water proof ability of the equipment, the wiring GPS positioner does not water resistance, and the device must be placed in the position where the device is not easily exposed to water.