The function of the elderly health bracelet


Step counting function(elderly health bracelet)
With the development and progress of wearable technology, wearable devices will calculate the number of steps by implanting bumps in the future, and then eliminate the wrong counting according to certain principles to get the final result.

Heart rate monitoring(elderly health bracelet)
The reflective photoelectric sensor is used to collect the photoelectric signal to monitor and calculate the change of pulse blood volume, and then calculate the basic parameters reflecting the human heart rate according to the relationship between the absorbance of substances in the blood and the concentration.

Temperature detection of the elderly health bracelet
The thermistor is used to convert the change of temperature into the change of resistance value, and then the corresponding measuring circuit is used to convert the resistance value into voltage, then the voltage value is converted into digital signal, and then the digital signal is processed accordingly to obtain the temperature value.

Energy consumption and sleep monitoring of the elderly health bracelet
By touching the wrist, the sensor monitors people's movement, heart rate and body movement frequency, and calculates and obtains the subject's sleep status and energy consumption. Different products have different algorithms