The Function of Waterproof GPS Monitor For Tracking Offender Location


Have you seen Paddington Bear 2 Zhong Paddington was imprisoned by being planted, and he was very pleased in prison, full of positive energy. One of the pieces don't know if you still remember several partners in the prison with Paddington to escape together, from the water pipeline and the kitchen cleanup system, then the fence is over, although it is just the plot, the plot is this arrangement However, from a big one, give us a reminder. If the defense monitoring system of prison is not particularly passed, it is easy to lead to the possibility of jailbreak. If the regulatory Waterproof GPS Monitor For Tracking Offender Location is wearing the supervision, the chances will be greatly reduced.

In prisons, each prisoner needs to be supervised by judicial personnel, so as not to appear new criminal acts, Sloth Waterproof GPS Monitor For Tracking Offender Location with triple positioning function, can always monitor the position of the prisoner, extending the function of the positioning watch Function has become meaningful, heart rate testing, and step-by-function such health function reflects the human management method, and the anti-demolition waterproof function guarantees the normal implementation of management work. The historical trajectory electronic fence function effectively avoids separation management phenomena.